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12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries

/ July 3, 2019

2) United States

The advances in space technology have played a significant role in making the United States of America a global superpower, from the atomic bomb to landing Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Space exploration, pharmaceuticals, defense system, and telecommunications have been the United States’ main focus for many decades. This nation has the most powerful and technologically advanced military in the world. This nation has produced the world’s biggest technology companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM, and Microsoft. These technology behemoths have changed the way people live worldwide.

NASA-Space-Shuttle-Atlantis most technologically advanced countries

1) Japan

Japan is well-known for its scientific research. Research scientists of Japan have made immense contributions in various fields like automobiles, electronics, machinery, earthquake engineering, optics, industrial robotics, metals, and semiconductors. The nation has been looking to become less dependant on imported fuel since 1973. Its efforts bore fruit in 2008 when it inaugurated seven nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactors supply around 34 percent of the nation’s electricity. Japanese researchers have won many Nobel Prizes.

Japan-Fashion-Robot most technologically advanced countries

Additional Most Technologically Advanced Countries

There are some developing most technologically advanced countries not mentioned on this list. These include: 

  • The Philippines
  • France
  • England
  • Sweden
  • India

Summing It All Up: Most Technologically Advanced Countries

It is definitely worth emulating the way the above-mentioned nations have used technology for the good of their people.