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12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries

/ July 3, 2019

10) Singapore

Singapore is a high-tech, business-friendly nation. It has a knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy. The country has the fastest internet in the world. The home internet speed is up to 1 Gbps. All the citizens of Singapore own a smartphone. The nation is well-known for its high-tech infrastructure.

Singapore-University-of-Technology-and-Design most technologically advanced countries

Singapore University of Technology and Design

9) Canada

Canada has a highly developed technology sector. The Government of Canada encourages industrial research. The nation specializes in biotechnology and space exploration. It allocated 1.8 percent of its GDP for Research and Development. Canada launched The Science, Technology and Innovation Council in an endeavor to enhance the quality of life of its citizens through science and technology. Canada introduced the wireless interact machines, chip credit and debit cards and the advanced supersonic twin-engined, Avro Arrow.

Canada-Avro_Arrow-Technology most technologically advanced countries

Canada’s Avro Arrow (CF-105)