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World’s Most Powerful Women in Politics For 2015

/ April 5, 2015

Politics has always been men’s world. It is a field which the male dominate and people are often skeptical about the capabilities of women in engaging in political affairs. Just a handful of women had the courage to enter the field of politics and most of them are standing out not just because they are few but also because of their excellence in their roles. Even now, more and more women are participating and exercising their rights not just to vote but also to lead.

These women are just some examples of such excellence. They went through a lot of scrutiny and criticisms but they proved to be worthy of their position. They worked out of passion and they continue to set good examples to their constituents and the whole world. These women are definitely worth knowing.

5. Sheikh Hasina Wajed – A Fighter and a Winner

Position: Prime Minister of Bangladesh

People react differently when they lose a loved one. It is common to grieve and mourn. It is common to cry and remember. However, Sheikh Hasina Wajed had a different way of handling her grief. After she lost nearly twenty of her loved ones, she did not lose hope. She decided to stand up again after each loss and continue to lead her people. Bangladesh politics is notoriously male-dominated. However, that did not stop Sheikh Hasina Wajed. She became an active member and leader of the Council of Women World Leaders. She became the president of the country’s Awami League. She was elected twice as the country’s prime minister. Today, she continues to be an active advocate of women’s rights.

Sheikh Hasina Wajed

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