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Top 10 Most Intelligent Countries in the World

/ January 1, 2015

Dr. Jonathan Wai is a Duke University Talent Identification Program research scientist and psychologist. He compiled the Most Intelligent Countries in the World (countries with largest amount of brilliant people) a ranking of nations based on scores on the 2009 PISA assessment. This assessment tests mathematics, reading and science competency in 15 year old children.

These tests are a good measure of general intelligence. Based on these tests, here are the 10 nations with the most brainpower. The average percentage getting the top score on PISA tests, the estimated number of brilliant people and the alternate ranking based purely on average score were considered while arriving at the ranking. China is not included in the list due to many challenges.
The smartest countries in the world is:

10) Australia

On an average, 3.3 percent scored at elite levels. Around 748,440 brilliant people live in this country.

Australia map

9) The United Kingdom

According to estimates, 885,220 brilliant people live in the UK. On an average 1.4 percent scored at elite levels.

United Kingdom Map