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Top 10 Most Generous British Celebrities

/ October 5, 2014

Britain has produced many celebrities. They all have used their talent and become rich and famous. Some of them stand apart for their ability to be generous. These celebrities have a heart of gold.

Take a look at the top 10 most generous British celebrities as of 2014, according to Sunday Times Giving List.

10) Martin Lewis – £2.0 Million

Martin Lewis is an English financial journalist, author and television presenter. He is the creator of the website He has pledged to give £10 million pounds in shares to charity. According to Sunday Times, Lewis has a net worth of £65 million


9) Simon Cowell – £1.6 Million

This music mogul has a personal fortune of £225 million pounds. In October 2013, he took part in a fund-raising event in Los Angeles in support of the Israeli Defense Forces. The event raised $20 million and Cowell made a personal donation of $150,000. He is among the UK’s top charity donors who made the annual Giving List for the first time.