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10 Most Expensive Things in the World

/ October 6, 2018



The thing about being rich and wealthy is that you can afford to be unusual or odd, and no one will laugh at you. The important thing about having lots of money for spends is that you can buy the most stupid thing at even more silly prices and you can also show it off.


Of course, we couldn’t cut down on accessories that make us feel and look good. Living in the lap of luxury brings us pleasure, comfort, and a fancy lifestyle. Although, as you read through this list, keep in mind that every day around 16,000 people die in hunger for food around the globe.


Here is the list of the most expensive things available on the planet.


10. Most Expensive Kiss Sold At Auction – $50,000


Joni Rimm of USA paid $50,000 in a charity auction for a kiss with Hollywood actress Sharon Stone. That most expensive kiss was auctioned in Los Angeles in August 2003. Sharon advertised that kiss in aid for Project Angel Foods. This was a Los Angeles based charity, providing free meals for people suffering from HIV and AIDS.


9. Most Expensive Hotel Room: $65,000 per night.


Royal Penthouse Suite is known as the largest suite in Europe and also most popular luxurious suite in the whole world. It is 1,800 sq. meters in total, with 12 luxury rooms, a grand piano, a billiards table, a personal gym, and a private terrace with amazing view over Lake Geneva. A night in the majestic suite will cost you $65,000. The entire floor of the suite is decorated with hand-picked art on all the walls including marble bathrooms. The Suite garnered the award “World’s Leading Hotel Suite” at the World Travel Awards.


8. Most Expensive Shoes – $2 million


Nick Cannon wore an all-diamond pair of shoes in the finale of America’s Got Talent in the ninth season. Top Beverly Hills jeweller Jason Arasheben, created Nick’s over-the-top accessories, which took 2,000 work hours over nearly a year. These shoes have a total weight of 340 carats and contain more than 14,000 full-cut round white diamonds set onto white gold. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it also recognized as the ‘Most Valuable Pair of Shoes’ in the world.


7. Most Expensive Virginity Proposal – $3.7 million


Natalie Dylan, a 22-year old student from California USA, auctioned off her virginity to fund her master’s degree in 2008. Natalie claimed that she planned to use the money to finance graduate school. According to a source of London Telegraph, she got the idea for the virginity auction after her sister was capable to pay for her college education after prostituting herself for three weeks.


6. Most Expensive Music Videos- $7 million.


According to Forbes, the duet of Michael Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson in the 1995 hit music video, “Scream” is still the most expensive music video of all time. It cost $7 million to create in 1995, which is around $10.8 million in the present market. Its CGI, and not its dance moves, defined the music video clip. Mark Romanek directed the video. This video won awards at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards in the category of ‘Best Short Form Music Video’.


5. Most Expensive Domain Names – $35.6 million


In the most expensive domain sale, Company QuinStreet reported that they reserved Domain name The deal was made in July 2010 at $35.6 million. This is the highest deal ever built to sell any domain. The purity of the domain name is automatically combined with reliability. was earlier run as an insurance agency, in which customers were directly purchasing some policies.


4. Most Expensive Films- $378.5 million


“P.O.C : On Stranger Tides” starring Johnny Depp & Penelope Cruz is a fantasy film and the fourth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. The estimated budget of the film was $378.5 million. Walt Disney Pictures produced it and released it in the US in 2011. The latest procedure of filming, inflation and external market forces have played major impact on the finance of film production. ‘On Stranger Tides’ also broke many box office records upon release.


3. Most Expensive Home- $1 billion


Indian industrialist ‘Mukesh Ambani’, chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd owns Antilia. According to Forbes, this is the most expensive home in the world. The construction cost of this private home is around $1 billion. It named after a mythical island of the same name in the Atlantic Ocean.  Managed by 600-member staff, the twenty-seven story house has an area of 37,161 square meters. The design of Antilia makes it sturdy enough to survive an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 and contains three helicopter pads along with a parking space for 160 cars. Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will designed this luxurious home.


2. Most Expensive Building – $4.7 Billion


Marina Bay Sands was developed by Las Vegas Sands. It garnered the accolade, “the world’s most expensive standalone casino property” at around $4 billion, including the cost of the prime land. Marina Bay Sands features three 55-story hotel towers. The Sands Sky Park, one-hectare sky terrace on the roof, links these towers together. The Sky Park is the world’s longest elevated swimming pool. The Marina Bay Sands features a museum, an ice skating rink, 2 large theatres, 2 floating Crystal Pavilions, 7 restaurants, and the world’s largest chamber of casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines.


1 .Most Expensive Substance – $100 Billion per milligram


A theory says the big bang should have created matter and antimatter in equal amounts. When matter and antimatter collide, they completely leave nothing but energy behind. As a result, none of us will cease to exist. Antimatter annihilations have the capacity to release a large amount of energy. A gram of antimatter could produce an explosion the size of a nuclear bomb. Yet, we humans have produced only a small amount of antimatter. Antimatter is one of the most difficult elements to produce in the form of anti-atoms.