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Most Expensive Private Islands For Rent

/ May 25, 2014

One of the first images that come to your mind when you think about the perfect summer holidays is a remote island with golden sands and crystal clear waters. Well, there’s plenty of these islands in the world, but some of them are so expensive to rent that you only afford to see them in pictures on the Internet. Find out which are the most expensive private islands for rent.

# 5 Sofitel Bora Bora Marara – $250,600

One of the finest and most amazing Bora Bora islands, Sofitel Boba Bora is a secluded exotic island with luxurious bungalow accommodation with a rental price of a quarter of a million dollars. The most interesting about Bora Bora is that it has a constant annual temperature, so that whenever you decide to spend your holiday here, you’ll have the best weather in the world.


# 4 Nygard Cay – $294,000

If you have some $300,000 to spend and wish to visit the astonishing Bahamas Islands, we recommend that you go for Nygard Cay. The island has the name of its owner, the famous fashion designer Peter Nygard and is a popular holiday destination of very many famous people like US presidents and Hollywood actors.


# 3 Turtle Island – $325,167

Formed after repeated volcanic eruptions in the ancient times, Turtle Island is a string of lagoons and jagged outcrops in a heavenly setting. The famous 80s “The Blue Lagoon” movie was filmed here, that’s why the island is so expensive to set foot on.


# 2 Musha Cay – $364,000

Another Bahamas gem, the Musha Cay Island is located 85 miles southeast of Nassau and it costs a fortune if you wish to rent it. It has 10,000 square foot manor houses for rent and a fleet of boats, and even a Drive in Movie. Even cooler, this private island is the property of famous illusionist David Copperfield.


# 1 Necker Island: $420,000

Meet the most expensive private island for rent in the entire world: The Necker Island. Located in the British Virgin Islands it is the property of Richard Branson, the owner of popular venture capital conglomerate, “Virgin”. This wicked expensive island to rent comes with luxurious Bali styled homes, private beaches, an army of staff members and Michelin trained chefs. What more can you ask for? Maybe a discount.