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Top 10 Most Expensive Plane Tickets

, / December 23, 2014

Competition in the air travel industry has compelled many companies to reduce air fare. In spite of all the discounts some plane tickets are still expensive. These airlines offer you value for money with their world-class service.

Here are the 10 most expensive plane tickets.

10) New York to Singapore with Singapore Airlines ($14,000)

For $14,000, you will get to travel in the all-new first class suites, which include your own room, a dining table, a standalone bed and a 23” entertainment system. You can also enjoy a complete gourmet meal with exotic wines.


9) Los Angeles to Melbourne with Qantas ($14,974)

For $14,974, Qantas offers exclusive airport lounge, which features leather seats and a fireplace. The airline also offers reclining beds and large touch screen entertainment systems.