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10 Most Expensive Golf Carts

, / August 9, 2014

Golf is a popular game among the rich. Golf cart is an accessory of the game, which has become trendy in recent years. Popularity of golf carts is increasing worldwide. It is not only used in golf courses, but also outside as an alternative means of transportation.

Today many companies are manufacturing golf carts. Some are powered by battery, some by electric power; and some by both. There are many stylized versions with various modifications. Some are very expensive.

Here is a brief overview of the 10 most expensive golf carts.

10) Cadillac Escalade ($13,500)

This popular model is offered by Cool Carts of Texas with permission from its manufacturer. The standard model includes functional headlights, sixteen inch escalade wheels and other features.


9) The Smoothster ($15,500)

Pennwick is a reputed custom golf cart brand. This brand offers Smoothster, a cute golf cart model. Designed by famous auto designer Boyd Coddington, this four-seater comes with headlights, taillights, turn signals, and side mirrors.


8) The Shadow ($16,500)

This is another model offered by Pennwick. This luxurious golf cart has an iconic shape and royal appearance. It has all the interior features of Smoothster.


7) X4 Hybrid Extreme ($17,900)

This golf cart is offered by American Custom Cart. Designed by Larry Rogers, this hybrid cart allows you the option of electric and gas power.


6) The Brooklyn ($18,999)

This six-seater golf cart is offered by It is modeled after the immensely popular Bentley. It is available with standard features for $18,999. However, there are upgrade options to choose from. For instance you can add a hard top for $900.


5) The LaBenz ($19,735)

This six-seater golf cart is modeled after Mercedes Benz. It comes with upgraded standard features like tinted windshield, custom paint job, aluminum sport wheels and Daytona style steering wheel.


4) F5 ($20,500)

This is a sleek, sporty and eye-catching golf cart. It is the first golf cart to be modeled after the immensely popular Italian sports car. For $20,500, the model comes with standard features like heavy duty fiber glass body, side mirrors, hour meter, battery charge indicator, 48 Volt charging system, fifteen inch rims, headlights and tail lights.


3) Hummer 6 Pack Limo H3 ($22,600)

This golf cart is offered by the Las Vegas company Bad Ass Golf Carts, who are known to make artistic golf carts. They use materials like alligator and ostrich for their custom built seats. This particular model has a 72 Volt A/C drive.


2) Royal Limo ($25,449)

This limited edition model is built for luxury and style. This six-seater is offered by In addition to standard features, it offers 15-inch polished billet rims, leather seats and a custom two toned paint job.


1) Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit ($52,000)

This most expensive golf cart in the world is the Carrera of the Course. It is offered by Garia, one of the biggest names in luxury golf carts industry. It is well-known for its luxury accessories and performance.


The above mentioned extreme golf carts are small but mighty.