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Top 5 Most Expensive Electric Cars

, / January 4, 2015

When it comes to cars, there are affordable ones, expensive ones; gas fueled ones, electric ones and everything in between. The latest buzz, of course, is the electric car, the car that aims to support a sustainable pollution free future and decrease the costs of gas. Also, an electric car is the best option for the scarce fossil fuels these days. However, an electric car comes at a price, and some are rather costly. See which the most expensive electric cars in the world are. Hop in for a ride!

# 5 Lightning GT – $239,400

Under development by Lightning Car Company, the Lightening GT aims to be a super fast battery-electric sports car. Besides the expensive innovative technology that it embodies, the Lightening GT’s costly price is a reflection of the amazing smooth and luxurious design. Who said eco-friendly doesn’t come at a price? The first hand built 50 cars will be delivered in 2014/2015.