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The Most Expensive Cufflinks

, / May 5, 2014

The cufflink has been making a comeback for a couple of years now. Men’s jewelry is becoming more and more mainstream after a period of time in which men’s jewelry has been a taboo. But of course, we don’t want to wear just cufflinks. We want the best ones of the highest quality, the most extravagant ones and the most exclusive ones. That’s why I’m going into detail of three pairs of the ones you will want.

#3. Tateossian’s Silver Spazio – Meteorite Gibeon – $1600

Tateossian is the king of cufflinks. He established his business in 1990, after being miserable working in finance. He’s been making cufflinks for over 20 years now and always reaches the state of perfection. With the special Spazio collection he shows that exclusivity sells. There are only 25 pairs of these made for the entire collection. Imagine if you managed to get a pair!

The Spazio collection is made from prehistoric meteorites that originally come from Gibeon, Namibia. The meteorite stone has been untouched and they are real. For the bargain price of $1600 these really are available for a wide public.



#3. Roland Iten’s AK-47 cufflinks – $32,630

This is not the most expensive cufflink in the world, but it’s definitely the most exclusive one. Why you ask? Because this pair of cufflinks is made from the metal of an AK-47 assault rifle. There’s a reason why Roland Iten decided to make them. He says “We’d like to contribute to the removal and destruction of 1 million of them (the rifles) over the next seven years”. I personally love this idea.

These cufflinks are the most exclusive in the world. Only 20 pairs were made. For $ 32,630 the cufflinks are yours, although the fact that they are all sold already might change the price, probably not going to benefit your wallet.



#1. Jacob & Co. Emerald Cut Canary Diamond Octagon – $4,195,000

This is it, the pair of cufflinks most Royal households around the world can barely afford. This perfect pair of cufflinks. With a total of 21.29 carats of diamonds in total, this could easily be a diamond mine. But that’s not all. The diamonds are embedded on an 18 carat white gold structure.

You don’t get these for nothing though. These cufflinks sell for a whopping price of $4,195,000. Right, if you already have three houses, five cars and all your credit cards are paid off, you might want to get these.


Photo: Jacob & Co