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Top 5 Most Expensive Belt Buckles

/ December 18, 2014

A good belt helps create a fashion statement. It is an excellent fashion accessory for gentlemen. These belts are not ordinary stocking stuffers. The buckles are truly extravagant offerings.

Here are the top 5 most expensive belt buckles.

5) Kate Miles Belt Buckles – $18,000

Offered by Kate Miles, these belt buckles are made of seven to eight ounces of platinum. The price $18,000 is for the whole belt.

Kate Miles Belt Buckle

4) Gold High-Precision Mechanical Belt Buckle – $25,000

Roland Iten’s solid gold, hi-precision mechanical belt buckles are superb. It takes between 9 to 18 months to produce the buckle. It is made in Switzerland, with the same manufacturing processes as employed by the Geneva watch-making industry.

Roland Iten Gold Mechanical