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Minimum salary NFL and average salary of NFL players

, , / May 10, 2016

The average and minimum salary of NFL has quite interesting figures and when it comes to compare with others and with the earnings of NFL itself, the game starts giving you a twist. Actually the average salary figures of NFL players is lower than other pro leagues of sports which are famous in USA.

The BIG 4, NFL,NBA,MLB & NHL which are mine of money among other pro sports clubs also give their players a dream salary of any professional league player.

According to CNN in 2015 revenue of NFL was far more better than other sports league like MLB,NBA and NHL . Their TV revenue was more than sum of others. In 2015, the revenue of NFL was $12bn and they got 16.6 million viewers aggregate. But there is a big question why the average and minimum salary of NFL players is soooo average.

Kobe Bryant (NBA-Los Angeles Lakers in 2015 to 2016) got $25,000,000 which was highest but Drew Brees (NFL-2015-16) got maximum and that is 23,800,000. This may not have large difference but the status analysis between earning of NFL and NBA will definitely shock you.

The minimum NFL salary is $435K per year and average NFL salary is $860K.

The popularity of NFL is undoubtedly has no boundaries. Even famous TV series and movies also gives reference of it in their storyline. A large population of Asian countries is fan of NFL but this exceptional fact has some reasons behind it.

A big reason is that NFL has a large army of players which was 1696 in 2015 that surely decreases the average salary of a player.

One of the another biggest reason behind it is that a large percentage which is almost 70% of total number of NFL players belongs to age group of 22 to 27 and in order to maintain their place teams they don’t bother a lot about their average salary because survival is most important need of human being. An overcrowded pack of talented players creates a competition among themselves and consequently they get comparatively lower salaries.

As a matter of fact the salary of NFL players is also directly proportional to their experience. But the number of players with an experience of 8 to 10 year is quite low. This also causes lack of required unite force in senior players to ask a bigger salary. For example the

nfl practice squad salary

is lower than minimum NFL salary.

But an interesting fact about the labor of pro league players also shows that the number of games per year for NFL players is quite low in compare to other league sports that makes a sense about why their minimum and average salary is lower than others.

So, all these fact definitely gives us food to think about it when it comes to salary of NFL players.

I think the energy of those legendary players in field and the respect and emotion of viewer make this fact less important. Because some things are priceless and importance of precious moment related to SUPER BOWL makes us smile and cry at the same time.