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Limited Edition OLA 25 Ferrari Kitchen

/ June 10, 2014

A clean and beautiful kitchen adds immensely to the value of the house. If your kitchen is clean, the person using the same will be happy. He/she will spread the positive energy to others in the household. On the other hand if your kitchen is dirty and ugly, the person using it will suffer each time he/she uses it. The negative vibes spread to the other people in the house. Healthy foods usually come out of clean kitchens.


Ferrari has released the limited edition of OLA 25 kitchen. Ferrari does not need much introduction. It is an Italian luxury brand founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. It is a symbol of fashion, style and technology.


With its OLA 25, Ferrari is bringing fashion, style and technology right into your kitchen. OLA 25 is designed by Pininfarina and built by Snaidero. The “red” of Ferrari is all set to beautify your kitchen.


OLA 25 is wonderful. It is made of carbon fiber. The worktop is made of glass with a gloss finish. The support of the peninsula is carbon fiber. In fact you can customize the kitchen to suit your style. OLA 25’s 84 unique components enable you to do so. The futuristic design is of course available in red. It is also available in black or white color.