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Top 10 Gold Producing Countries in 2015

/ May 25, 2015

5. South Africa (190,000 kg per year)

South Africa is the top gold producer in the African continent; and there is still 6,000 tons left. Till the year 2006, South Africa was the largest producer of gold in the world. Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city, was a result of gold rush in 1886.


Gold Mine, Johannesburg, South-Africa

6. Peru (150,000 kg per year)

Peru is the largest gold producing nation in Latin America. In fact it is the second largest gold producing country in the Americas; only next to the United States of America. The country is making money through its gold. Mining has increased by 400 percent in the past decade in this nation.


Yanacocha Gold-Mine, Cajamarca, Peru