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Jean-Pierre Braganza 2014 Summer Collection

/ June 15, 2014

Jean-Pierre Braganza represents a style of fashion that’s juxtaposes edgy and feminine. Many of his looks feature dark silhouettes matched with unconventional colors to provide a sort of hard edge that Braganza has been known for. Generally associated with a “rock ‘n roll” type clientele, Braganza revels in the paradoxical and the imaginative. But is his work become dull and repetitive?


In his Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Jean-Pierre Braganza used his typical angular and asymmetrical tailoring and “avant-garde” colors. This year, the trending theme was pink with a school girl uniform meets bad girl rocker type style. Bold and fanciful, Braganza emulates his past collections in that they always seem to have a fantasy-novel quality to them. Sweet and innocent mixed with the dose of rebel edge, the garments in this collection nonchalantly mimics a typical Braganza experience.


While his looks are flattering, Jean-Pierre Braganza is highly overrated. From the school girl gone rogue routine to the edgy rocker chick look, he’s style is over played and over done. The low slung pant with the overused folding technique looked out of place and perhaps he should make some more flattering choices in the future. Although it was nice to see him attempt to use pink in his ready-wear run way fashion, he clearly isn’t up to date on current fashion trends.