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The World’s First 4D Skincare: The IOMA Sphere 2

, / May 15, 2014

2014, in the US, the IOMA Sphere 2 or ‘A New Approach to the Future of Evidence-Based Skincare’ has finally been released for public use – The 4d skin measuring gadget is the first of its kind found anywhere in the world. We need to find out more about the gadget though before we imagine ourselves being able to throw away all our beauty products and clean the dresser tops of expensive useless products.


Production took 11 years which is a long time, but even longer when it comes to beauty and new techniques. The IOMA Sphere 2 is a completely innovative achievement for the beauty industry and one without parallel in its recent history. The IOMA Sphere 2 connect four measurements together which are: imperceptible blemishes of the skin, skin structure, hydration and also the capacity to splendidly track skin. The machine works out and calculates its figures by taking photos, then breaking the data down and working out judgements of the skin – amazingly this whole process only takes less than 4 minutes which is ridiculously quick. There are many different types of blemishes measured and calculated – they are then labelled as one of the follow – dryness, near negligible differences, wrinkles, redness, sebum, bacterial effects and dark spots.


What’s the result of all this? You receive an estimation that tests the skin’s surface over and underneath and renders different proposals on what is tailored for our skins and also the justification for that. This is an immaculate appraisal of what your personal skin’s needs are and begins to take into account a customised skincare regime. With skincare items from around the seven IOMA Pro Lines available to all and also the customised Bespoke Youth Rituals line, the cutting edge skincare machine goes into action and works out how to give your skin the best possible future it can. The IOMA Sphere 2 innovational skin tester machine is accessible only at select Saks Fifth Avenue IOMA areas in New York City, Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa, Houston, San Antonio and finally Tulsa.