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Ice Cube Net Worth – What’s the Dollar Value Behind the Entertainment Legend?

, , / May 25, 2018
From music to TV to movies and more, the man known as Ice Cube has done it all. Looking up Ice Cube net worth means analyzing more than one figure – it means understanding how it got to that level and why it remains there.
Born as O’Shea Jackson in 1969, Ice Cube is for helping pioneer a musical genre. His works are for using impressive lyrical sociopolitical commentary. It’s to earn platinum-level success as a group and solo artist.
After his successful musical career earned him notoriety, he became a well-known figure in the film both as a writer, producer, and actor. After reinventing his public image by making the shift to entertainment, he landed roles in major TV shows and more films.

He’s even a successful businessman, launching his own clothing line and basketball league. But with so much going on, how much is he worth?

Here are some facts about the man and his net worth – and his impressive net worth of $140 million!

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An Emphatic Start in the Music Industry

Ice Cube’s most watched video 

Musicians often become cultural icons for various reasons. Some pioneer genres with a new sound, while others share their opinion of society as a whole through their work. In Ice Cube’s case, he did both.
One of the original members of N.W.A., Ice Cube is the only member who wasn’t from Compton. He had a strong musical background already with his own group C.I.A., who had several notable releases. N.W.A. succeeded in pioneering the gangster rap genre and providing some bold social commentary at the same time.
Though he ended up in a legal dispute over pay with the group, Ice Cube’s musical journey wasn’t slowed down. After he left, he launched a successful solo career. Despite running into accusations of misogyny, racism, and antisemitism, he continued to enjoy musical success. He even shared it by collaborating with other artists and forming the group Westside Connection.
His musical career and massive impact on the rap industry helped his transition to film with the movie Boyz n the Hood (1991). After that successful outing, he began devoting more time to film and TV endeavors.

Branching Out and Reinvention in TV and Film

Following the success of Boyz n the Hood, he continued to juggle his musical duties while transitioning to onscreen entertainment.

 He enjoyed roles in Trespass and The Glass Shield. He was even offered a role alongside Janet Jackson in the 1993 film Poetic Justice but declined. Ice Cube then saw the spot go to fellow rap icon Tupac Shakur.
But his next accomplishment wouldn’t see him in front of the camera. Instead of being one of the faces behind it on the production and development end. Upon encouragement from John Singleton, Ice Cube decided to try his hand at writing screenplays.
The result was the 1995 comedy Friday. He develops an impressive fan following and even led to many sequels. Ice Cube also worked with Singleton in the film Higher Learning before staring in the action thriller Dangerous Ground. Later, he’s with writing, producing, and even directing the Players Club in 1998.
With praised performances in blockbusters like Barbershop and Ride Along and proven talent in the writing, acting, and directing aspects of entertainment, Ice Cube net worth became a term of greater interest. As he gained more skills and become more of a media icon, his worth continued to skyrocket.

How Business Endeavors Helped His Net Worth

For Ice Cube, net worth became a much bigger factor after entering into business. He is a music icon and is successful in all areas of the film. It helped him earn a lot of money and grow his worth. His many business endeavors have also played a massive role.
His personal clothing line, Solo by Cube, features everything. From hooded sweatshirts with included headphones in the hood strings to t-shirts, tank tops, hats, and much more. Ice Cube carries such weight in various musical and entertainment circles. A custom clothing line is a wise professional choice.
He also launches the BIG3 professional basketball league. Unlike the NBA and other prominent basketball organizations, Ice Cube’s organization focuses on 3-3 games. He uses an eight-week schedule and a league of eight teams.

Ice Cube also obtains several professional sponsorships and endorsements, including Coors Light beer and St. Ides malt liquor.

How Ice Cube Net Worth Built Up

Ice Cube is a prime example of how talented individuals build up their net worth over time. With talent driving his fan following and the following also encourage him to expand his talents. He built up his name and worth throughout the years.
Musicians, film/TV stars, and business owners often experience some degrees of overlap in their circles. To show the best way to earn a high net worth to focus on many endeavors in direct succession.