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World’s Top 20 Highest Paid Political Leaders

/ March 5, 2015

=5.) Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland  – $340,000

Higgins annual salary is $340,000; after taking office he requested that his salary be reduced by 23.5 percent from €325,000 to about €250,000.


=5) Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg – $340,000

Xavier Bettel  has been the Prime Minister of Luxembourg since 4 December 2013. His annual income is $340,000. He has previously served as Mayor of Luxembourg City. He is a member of the Luxembourg Democratic Party.

Xavier Bettel

7.) Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada – $296,400

PM Stephen Harper is six on the list with a salary of US$29,400 yearly. Most people will  argue he is earning too much.

Stephen Harper

8.) John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand – $290,000

John Key is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. His annual salary is $290,00o. It is around 10 times the salary of an average New Zealand citizen.