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Harrison Ford’s Total Net Worth – An Actor And A Film Producer

, , , / February 5, 2019

Harrison Ford is an actor and film producer with a net worth of $230 million according to Bank Rate. Harrison is in his mid-seventies and has been in the acting field since 1966.

Big named movies like “Indiana Jones,” and “Star Wars,” account for his infamous stature and fame today. He has been featured in a multitude of films and has also produced many films.

Early Work

 Some of his most early work were titles such as, “American Graffiti,” “Blade Runner,” “Working Girl,” and “Witness. Fame and stardom did not come easy for this actor as he spent a decade perfecting his skills to finally begin making it big.

At one point he was even told that he would never make it in the business. Of course, that did not stop his determination for acting.

The Break Through Film

In 1977, Harrison locked in for the role of Han Solo in the infamous series “Star Wars.” This would prove to be a turning point in his career.

Making an acting deal like this changed the outlook of his acting career. He would go on to be casted in each of the sequels in 1980 and 1983.

When the series’ first debuted Harrison made about $1,000 a week, (that was a good amount in the 60’s) but since the series has become a franchise he makes money off of “Star Wars” still to this day.

Another Huge Movie Deal

Harrison wanted more and so he went for it. In 1981 Harrison played Indiana Jones in, “Raiders of The Lost Ark.” This movie would go on to have multiple sequels associated with it.

His role in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” was a huge hit. From this series, he earned $400,000 dollars according to this source.

This would be the first movie he appeared in that made him big money. His career was only going up from here.

- Top Movies -

Harrison has a lengthy career timeline, which means he has been in lots of different movies over the decades. Some of his top movies are mentioned below.

Blade Runner

blade runner movie scene

In 1982 Harrison played in the movie “Blade Runner.” This was another movie that he was casted to lead in.

Presumed Innocent

Harrison ford's presumed innocent movie scene

In 1990 this film made its debut. Harrison played a lead character who happened to be a lawyer working on a complex and dangerous case. The movie turns out to be an action with drama and thrills included.

The Fugitive

Harrison ford's The Fugitive movie scene

This movie was released in 1993 and was listed as a crime or thriller. This movie was actually based on a TV show from the 60’s.

Air Force One

Harrison ford's Air Force One movie scene

Harrison plays the President of the United States in this film. His family is on the run after being targeted by a terrorist group at an international conference.

What Lies Beneath

The movie would be the first supernatural or horror movie for Harrison to be casted in. He plays a doctor who has marital issues, along with super natural problems to go with it.

K-19 The Widow Maker

A military inspired movie that follows Russia’s nuclear weapons. In the movie, a nuclear submarine was created but failed for various reasons.

Cowboys and Aliens

In 2011 this film came out casting Harrison as one of three main characters. The movie falls under the category of science fiction.

Harrison Ford’s Awards

Over the years Harrison has won a host of different awards. One of the first awards he one was the 1994 MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo. In 1997 he won the Bambi International Film award for his role in, “Air Force One.”

The awards kept coming as the years went by. In the years 1998 and 2000 he won the awards for Favorite Movie at the People’s Choice Awards. He also earned a Lifetime Achievement Award, Golden Globe and most recently in 2010 a Honorary Caesar Award.

Winning these awards proved that he was one of the best actors in the Action and Thriller industries. His fame came with each movie he put out since he always played a lead role.

Return of an Empire

Star Wars” may have been most popular in the 80’s but in 2015 Harrison had a chance to return to the big screen as his infamous character, Han Solo. This happens to be the third highest grossing film in the world.

star wars

At the box office, the movie brought in a whopping $2 billion dollars. Fans were relieved and fascinated at the return of everyone’s favorite franchise.

Looking Back Over the Years

In his 40 plus years of acting Harrison accomplished tons and made it big with movie franchises. He remains best well known for his part in, “Star Wars,” and “Indiana Jones.”

indiana jones

These movies reached viewers across the entire world and each had numerous sequels attached to them which certainly added to Harrison Ford’s net worth. Being one of the most highly paid actors has its perks.

He will go down in history as one of the best. Certainly, a name to be remembered.