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Formula One Heiress Petra Selling the Mansor for $150 Million

/ August 1, 2014

Petra married James Stunt at a castle in Rome. The wedding cost $20 million. In the same year, she purchased the Spelling Mansion in Beverly Hills from Candy Spelling (widow of 90210 creator Aaron Spelling and mother of Tori Spelling). She paid $85 million for the mansion.


Known as “The Manor” Spelling mansion is an epitome of luxury. Built in 1991, it is located in the ultra-exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood of Holmby Hills. Aaron had bought the property in 1988, demolished; spent three years and $12 million to build the mansion. It has 123 rooms including a gym, movie theater, four 2-car garages, and a bowling alley.


Petra has announced that she wants to sell the mansion for $150 million. A wise real estate investor,  if she gets a buyer for the price, she will make a cool $65 million.


Petra Ecclestone is the daughter of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone and former super model Slavia Ecclestone. Bernie Eccletsone is the president and CEO of both Formula One Management and Formula One Administration. This 5 foot 3 British business tycoon is 28 years older than Slavia. Beginning in the 1970s, he was the driving force in turning Formula One into a multi-billion dollar brand. Today Bernie Ecclestone is worth $4.2 billion. He owns 5.3 percent of Formula One and controls another 8.5 percent through a family trust.


Petra was born in December 1988 in Westminster, UK. She is not only young and attractive, but also has great business acumen. After graduating high school, she became a fashion designer. She created a menswear line known as FORM in 2008, which was sold at a few upscale retailers. After a few months, the company was forced into liquidation. Petra launched Stark, a line of accessories in 2011. She plans to release a collection of footwear which she intends to sell out of her own store in Los Angeles.