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/ May 3, 2016


On the off chance that you think Yu-Gi-Oh is only an anime about characters who duel then hold up until you perceive how costly the real card diversion can be.

In view of Kazuki Takahashi’s 1996 manga of the same name, the Yu-Gi-Oh exchanging card diversion has taken off to extraordinary statures since its dispatch in 1999. More than 22 billion cards have been sold around the world, which probably clarifies why it was named the top offering exchanging card diversion by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009. Right up ’til today, the establishment has brought forth various anime arrangement, five films, more than 50 computer games, and even five twist offs. Every one of this makes it no big surprise that the most subtle Yu-Gi-Oh cards order incredible costs a long ways past anything we’ve ever seen some time recently, and in the event that you’ve seen our scope of the rarest Magic cards and Pokemon cards, you’ll realize that is an announcement we don’t make gently.

For the individuals who have a store of wealth that could make an Egyptian pharaoh desirous, beneath we have chronicled the worlds priciest Yu-Gi-Oh cards right up ’til today. May the heart of the cards guide you and your wallet?

1. Cyber Stein $5,000 (One auctioned for charity sold for $23,000)


On a particular occasion, one of these cards was auctioned for $23,000 for a charity event. While it is certain that common variants of this card exist, the initial rare promo version of Cyber Stein yugioh card was given to winners of the Shonen Jump Championship in times past.

Automatically, this naturally makes Cyber Stein valued to upwards of $4500.

2. Gold Sarcophagus $2,200


It is true that 25c Gold Sarcophagus cards were ever designed; however, the exclusively invaluable cards were only awarded to players during the Pharaoh’s Tour and Shonen Jump tournaments. This simply implies that, you needed to be a world class Yu-Gi-Oh player at the right place in the right time to have received this card.

Should anyone then decide to pursue the second hard market to obtain this very rare card, you’ll be spending over $2200 in order to acquire the gem.

3. Des Volstgalph $1,900


To be honest and sincere, not too much is known about the promotional Des Volstgalph except the fact that it’s extremely sought after by hungry collectors. Perhaps it’s not the most exciting story, but we’re not here to argue with the numbers.

While searching through e-bay, we have seen the card naturally going for a minimal price of $600, nevertheless, this one is reported to sell for around $1900.

4. Shrink $1,600

You may wonder that this card can be found for 99 cents on e-bay but have you considered why this same card could still be considered as one of the most expensive cards of all time?” As with all collectibles, limited first edition runs can turn an item into a rarity unlike any other.

If you or your friends can confirm that your Shrink is genuinely one of those rare releases, well, good news, yes, this card can be sold for any price within $1600 to $6000. And this is a whooping amount.

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