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Most Expensive Magic Cards

/ June 22, 2016


What you consider an un-cool, not-very-hip game that only your typical “nerd” enjoys, is a world-wide phenomenon that’s attracting more and more people every day. Tournaments are being held, millions upon millions of cards are being sold, and the fashion does not seem to wear off, at least for now. The game isn’t as simple as you might think. It involves a lot of complicated rules that requires precise strategies to take the upper hand of the battle. Players are forced to choose their cards wisely, and it’s very obvious that for them, this isn’t just a game. They take it very seriously indeed. The enthusiasm that this game draws is certainly unparalleled, as shown in the extremely elevated prices some of this cards have. For the experienced players, each card is like their treasure. They know exactly when and how to use them to their advantage, and they build their entire attack based on them. The greater the power of the card, the more expensive and sought after it tends to be. However, sometimes its value comes purely from a collector’s perspective, as it can be the case of a card that has not been massively produced, and only a limited amount of them exist. Here, we have compiled the top 5 most expensive Magic cards in existence, and trust us, their prices will blow your mind, especially if we take into consideration that it is essentially just a piece of paper with some drawings printed on it. But that’s how fanaticism works; you can take the banalest of things and make it look like if it were the Holy Grail. Anyway, here is the list:

5. Worldwake Jace, the Mindsculptor [Foil] ($600):

image 1

Highly efficient in battle, this card stirred some controversies upon release. Also known as Jace the Walletsculptor, this guy effectively broke the whole concept of Planeswalkers by being the first walker printed with four abilities. Additionally, his power creep caused quite the stir during his time in Standard in that not only was he eventually banned from the format (a first for the format in years) and subsequently banned in Modern upon the form’s creation. Still, a lot of players use it in other variants of the game, and it proves to be a game-changer every time somebody uses it, thus partially explaining it’s very high price.


4.  Extended Art Promotional Foil Mutavault [EAP Foil] ($700)

image 2

This card is a very looked-after item for collectors due to the beauty of its design and the limited availability it had, being a promotional card. This has led it to be one of the most expensive promos the company Wizards of the Coast has ever released.

3. Judge Foil Force of Will [JG Foil] ($750):

image 3

Another promotion card just like the one above, with the sole difference that this one is relatively new, which means that the price may vary in the coming months.  It has gathered its fair share of popularity among experienced players, and many of them would die to get their hands on a full playset.

2. Legends The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale ($800)

image 4

The incredible amount of damage this card inflicts upon the opponent’s attack is part of the explanation of its mind-blowing price. A very rare item that can be very useful; its price will continue to rise as it becomes more scarce.


1. Portal: Three Kingdoms Imperial Seal ($800)

image 5

The thing about this card, and what makes its price even more shocking, is that it is not that good to begin with. It is more of a collector’s item than it is an actual useful tool in battle.

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