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most expensive koi fish

/ June 17, 2016

The koi are large fishes that attractively beautiful to the sight. They are known to originate from various regions such as the Black Sea, Aral Sea, Caspian Sea, and other areas of Asia and Central Europe. They require much time, dedication and focus on flourishing in good conditions, a bit more of care than most other cold-water fishes. However, the extra stress channeled into the maintenance of these fishes and their ponds can be very rewarding as they can be sold at incredibly high prices.

The most expensive koi fish ever was sold for $2 million in the 80’s. But the most expensive normal price this days for a large koi fish is around 500,000 dollar.

These beautiful fishes naturally existed in the waters, until people in the ancient Roman Empire and parts of China began to domesticate them over 2000 years ago. They were kept in ponds and water vessel and were used as food. People shifted their focus to other saltwater fishes when it became easier to fish in the oceans and transport them back to land faster.

Anyone who can be careful enough to meet the standards is capable of raising the koi fish. The most crucial determinant is considering if you can afford to buy the koi fish as some can be quite costly. After being affirmative with this, the next step would be to set up a koi fish pond. This procedure is usually a demanding exercise as enough details have to be put in place. After erecting a suitable habitat, you would proceed to buy yourself a koi fish. However, there are so many varieties of these fishes that are available in the market. They comprise of different shapes, colors, sizes, stripes and patterns. Another reason for their vastness is that there are many cross-bred koi fishes today. So, you will find it difficult making a choice. If your money is inadequate, then you can go for the cheaper ones which are usually, the smaller categories.

The koi fishes can survive for several years, usually up to 35 years and more when domesticated. The longevity record of the koi is found in Japan, one of them there has exceeded 215 years. This number was confirmed when scientist ran some analysis on it. Talking about their size, they have the propensity to grow up to 90cm or more in length when all goes well for them. The smaller sizes of these fishes can be purchased cheaply but as the size increases, so the price soars geometrically too. For the koi fish to grow and flourish, much care and attention need to be given to them. Therefore, it takes lots of work for them to get to their large admirable sizes.
This effort can be as rewarding as gorgeous species is sold for up to $500,000 and above. Though, the most expensive koi fish purchase ever made for this beautiful koi carp was over $2 million.