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Most expensive item on pawn stars

/ June 9, 2016

Pawn Stars Reality-TV show

Pawn Stars is a Reality-TV show on History channel about Rick Harrison and his family and their pawn shop where they sell and buy items of historical value.

The most expensive items ever sold at Pawn Stars shop were four one-kilo gold bars for $128,000
One of the most valuable items at the Pawn Stars shop that is not sold yet is a 2001 Super Bowl ring which is esteemed to $60,000.

Pawn Stars the game

Pawn stars the game is a game developed by History channel and Fifth Column Games where you can buy and sell items and do a profit from that you can play the game on facebook or as a app.


The most expensive items on pawn stars the game is this:

Artemis and the Stag 28,600,000
Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond 23,400,000
1907 Saint-Gaudens High-Relief Coin 2,500,000
Monet Painting 2,100,000
Stradivarius Violin 2,000,000
Sunken Treasure Collection 1,740,000
.44 Colt Walker 1 500 000
Revolver Collection 1,495,600
Amazing Fantasy #15 1,100,000
Jimi Hendrix’s Fender Stratocaster 1,000,000
Apollo Program Collection 806,990
1838 Colt Paterson 700,000
Taj Mahal Sunken Treasure 700,000
Martiros’ “Untitled” 700,000
Joe Jackson “Black Betsy” Bat 577,000