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Most Expensive Baseball Gloves

, , / June 22, 2016

 By this point, we all know Baseball fans are willing to spend a significant portion of their savings just to be able to own some of the most exclusive memorabilia related to this beautiful and worldwide-known sport. So far we´ve seen people spend thousands, even millions of dollars for autographed bats, balls, and cards. What´s left? Gloves, of course. And, as you might already be guessing, the price tags of these accessories are just as stunning as the ones mentioned before. But why are these gloves so expensive? After all, they have but one purpose, and that is to catch balls flying in mid-air. Well, if you´ve revised our previous articles, you should´ve already learned that rarity and autographs can catapult an object´s price to impossible standards. Without further ado, let´s take a look at these marvelous pieces of gold (or leather, rather).

5. Mickey Mantle Roger Maris Signed Autographed Baseball Glove Musial Ford Jsa 4283


Mickey Mantle, born in 1931 and known as one of the best Baseball players in the history of this marvelous sport. Because he lived and played a really long time ago, it is immensely difficult to find something signed by him. For that exact reason, this particular glove costs $7,498.99. The good news is too can buy it, for there´s still one available and no one has bid for it.

4. Mel Ott Signed Autographed Baseball Glove Macgregor G122 Mel Ott Model Jsa 81631


Mell Ott, another great Baseball player who lived numerous years ago and left us an incredibly expensive piece of memorabilia. Just like the last one, this glove also costs $7,498.99. And, of course, no one has bid for it yet. So, if you want to buy this remarkable piece of leather, all you have to do is head to eBay, or Amazon and start spending your hard earned money. Alternatively, you can buy a car.

3. Josh Donaldson Signed Game Used 2015 Al Mvp Fielding Glove Psa/dna Aa51002


This is the last glove on this list that is up for sale, and it is signed by no other than Josh Donaldson. What makes this model more expensive than the previous ones on the list is the fact that, not only is it signed by him, but it was also used by Josh himself. If you desire, you can get it for $8,181.99.

2. Hermes Baseball Glove

fourth image

Finally, we have a glove that is expensive for a reason other than an autograph. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Hermes Baseball Glove, an accessory made of gold swift calfskin and priced at $14,100. If you thought the previous prices were a little bit on the ridiculous side, hang on to your hats, for the next one makes absolutely no sense.

1. Jackie Robinson´s Glove

jackie robinson

Unfortunately for all those people who desire to possess the most expensive Baseball glove on the planet, this one is not on sale. Why? Because it was already sold for $373,002. You might all be wondering how a glove can be worth that kind of money. Well, supposedly, Jackie Robinson used it in the 1955 and 1966 World Series. So, not only was was it used by a famous player that is already dead, but it was also used in the World Series. What else can you expect?

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