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Most Expensive Baseball Bats

, , / June 22, 2016

    How much money are you willing to pay for a wooden stick? At first glance, that one seems like a pretty ridiculous question, for chances are no one would pay a single dime for an object so useless as the one we´ve just mentioned. However, the perspective is completely changed when we consider that baseball bats are, indeed, wooden sticks. With that in mind, we can now agree that these object can, indeed, be worth some money. However, most people wouldn´t expect them to be that expensive, would they? Well, as we have constantly proven it before, even the most banal utensils can be worth a ridiculous amount of money that most people don´t possess. When it comes to baseball bats, these huge price tags are due to two factors: rarity and the person that handled it. And although there are a lot of rare bats out there, the second variable is the ones that influences more on the price. What´s even more interesting though, is that fact that, in spite of the fact that there has been a great deal of famous players in the history of baseball, all the bats that will be presented in the following list belonged to one man only: Babe Ruth. Without further ado, let´s take a look at the most expensive baseball bats.

5) Babe Ruth 1932 Game Used bat


This particular one is a H&B professional model 125, and was used by Ruth in 1932 when he played against the Cubs. If you recall his Called Shot, then you definitely know why this bat is so valuable and expensive. In the year 2006, this autographed bat was sold for $216,000 in Sotheby´s.

4) Babe Ruth’s 1927 Game Used Bat

Babe Ruth's Baseball Bat

Remember that season when Ruth hit sixty home runs? It was in the year 1927, and although he used many bats within that span of time, only was is known to be possesses by someone. It was sold on 2012 for $388,375.

3) Babe Ruth’s first ever Hillerich & Bradsby bat

third image

It was the year 1918, and the company Hillerich & Bradsby had sent Ruth numerous bats so that he could choose one to use. Of course, the chosen one would remain to be one of the most valuable pieces of the MLB. After he chose it, they sent it bat to the factory and put his signature on it. Of course, that´s where everything got super expensive. This particular bat was sold in the year 2009 for $537,750.

2) Babe Ruth 1927-28 Game Used bat

fourth image

Babe Ruth used this bath between the years 1927 and 1930. So, as you might assume, it was already a thing when Ruth manage to hit sixty home runs in one single season. For that reason, it was sold in May 2012 for $591,007.

1) Babe Ruth’s first Yankee Stadium home run bat

fifth image

Of course, if Ruth hit his first home run with this bat, you can expect it to be incredibly expensive. It was against the Boston Red Sox, and if you remember that date, then you must know why this bat is so valuable. In December 2004 it was sold for $1’265,000.

You thought wooden sticks were useless? You better think again. You now know some people are willing to pay astonishing amounts of money for instruments that were used by their heroes. It’s amazing to see how one person can generate so many revenues when it comes to merchandise.

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