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20 Celebrities Who Were Born Rich

/ February 1, 2015

Ed Sheeran

Whilst Sheeran had a relatively affluent childhood, much has been made of the struggle he faced to achieve success in the music industry. Ed grew up in the British market town of Framlingham with his parents, who together have run the art consultancy Sheeran Lock. His mother Imogen is also a jewelry maker. Before the success of his breakthrough single, ‘A-Team’, Ed slept rough on the street between gigs as he couldn’t afford to pay for hotel rooms. Much like many on this list he refused to use his parents’ wealth to further himself.

Ed Sheeran

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Cassie Ventura is an American actress, dancer, model and recording artist. Her Mexican/African-American mother and Filipino-American father sent her to a top quality private prep school (annual fee $26,000).

Singer Cassie Ventura

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