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American Celebrities Who Traced Their African Roots

/ December 3, 2014

Vanessa A. Williams (Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Senegal)

This American actress’ DNA analysis revealed that she is 23 percent from Ghana, 17 percent from the British Isles, 15 percent from Cameroon, 12 percent Finnish, 11 percent Southern European, 7 percent Togo, 6 percent Benin, 5 percent Senegal and 4 percent Portuguese. “Now, I can’t wait to go to Ghana and Cameroon and Togo and Senegal” said the actress.

Vanessa L. Williams

Helga Esteb /

Erykah Badu (Cameroon)

American singer-songwriter, record producer, activist and actress Erykah Badu, whose first album Baduizm was certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, traced her roots to the Western Region of Cameroon. The Grammy award winner discovered that her lineage originated from the Bamileke people in the grassland region of the Western Cameroon.


Isaiah Washington (Sierra Leone)

American actor Isaiah Washington had his DNA analyzed in 2005. He found that his ancestors hailed from the Mende tribe of Sierra Leone. He traveled to Sierra Leone to help its people. He founded the Gondobay Mango Foundation to help rebuild Sierra Leone; one village at a time. He is the first African-American to be granted dual citizenship in Sierra Leone based on DNA testing.

Isaiah Washington