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Britney Spears Net Worth – A Pop Legend Singer And Actress

, / January 7, 2019

We all know who Britney Spears is. The “Hit Me Baby One More Time” singer is a pop legend. Britney Spears has a net worth of $215 million dollars according to Bank Rate.

This amount makes her a mega millionaire. Climbing to the top of national and international pop charts and earning her fortune came with tons of work and years of practice.

Humble Beginnings

Britney Spears

Her singing career started on the talent show called Star Search. Back in 1992 she made her debut on the show and won the hearts of audience members. Spears has always been multi-talented. Singing and acting are her favorite roles.

As a child, Britney has a passion for music and performing. You may be shocked to find out that Brittney started out as a Disney sensation on the show, “The All New Mickey Mouse Club.”

We all know TV shows do not go on forever and so she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a performer. Her first hit, “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” earned her the number one spot on the Billboards Hot 200 at the early age of 16.

From Child Star to Fame

From 1998 to 2000 Britney topped the charts and became a huge name in the teen pop music world. The 1999 Billboard Music Awards gave her 4 awards. Britney was not about to stop there. Shortly after, Brittany came out with yet another hit, “Oops I Did It Again.”

Britney worked hard to get rid of her innocent child-like image. Her next song titled, “I’m A Slave for You,” would make her listeners and the world see that she was all grown up.

Plenty of Accomplishments

Her many, many accomplishments added on to her hundred-million-dollar net worth. Britney has had multiple number one songs and a total of 9 albums so far.  

Her 2001 VMA performance will always remain a memorable one. On stage she brought along with her a host of various animals including a live snake.

Britney has been breaking records since the day her first number one hit came out. She has been named, Artist of The Year, won the American Music Awards, a Grammy and The Kids Choice Award.

Being the best-selling teenage artist of her day was also a pretty big deal. 6 of her 9 albums have had number 1 spots on the Billboards.

Newer Projects

Britney Spears may be in her 30’s but she is still working on new things to contribute to her net worth. Britney is also an actress and dancer. Britney has made musical hits throughout her entire career.


In 2012, Simon Cowell hired the pop sensation to be a judge on the X-Factor. She stayed for one season and got to show off her advice to upcoming singers.

britney spears on x factor


This album was what she needed to make her come back. Songs such as, "Gimme More," and "Piece of Me," were on the album. Blackout was her 5th album released in 2007 by Jive Records.

britney spear album blackout

Hold It Against Me

2011 was the year she would release the single on Jive Records. It did really well and enabled Brittney to break yet another record.

She was now the 2nd person in history to debut two number one singles back to back. The number on spot belongs to none other than Mariah Carey.

britney spears Hold It Against Me album


Glory would prove to be one of her most successful albums in over 10 years. Brittney held nothing back as she sung her heart out on the album.

This album sold 111,000 copies during its first weeks’ debut. Internationally, this album was recognized as number 1 in Italy, Ireland and South Korea, just to name a few.

Brittney hyped up her album during the 2016 MTV Music Awards.

britney spears glory album

Make Me

This song was featured on her ninth and final album, “Glory,” in 2016.

britney spears make me album