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10 Best Selling Celebrity Perfumes

/ June 15, 2014

Many celebrities now have their own line of perfume. These make for popular gift for fans of certain celebrities. Here are 10 of the celebrity perfumes that have sold the most.

1. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor is by far the best selling celebrity perfume ever. In 2011 alone the perfume made $54.9 million in revenue. A typical 3-ounce bottle of White Diamonds sells for a minimum of $68.


2. Driven by Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter has his own fragrance called Driven. In 2011 sales of this fragrance reached $21.1 million. A 2.5 ounce bottle of it can go for as much as $27.


3. Unforgivable by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Sean Combs has a fragrance called Unforgivable. In 2011 alone sales reached $17.2 million. A one ounce bottle of the fragrance runs for approximately $32.


4. Antonio Banderas by Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas has a fragrance named after him. As of 201 it had sold $13.4 million worth of the product. A one ounce bottle typically costs $10.


5. Glow by J-Lo

Glow, by Jennifer Lopez, grossed $11.5 million in sales for 2011. A one ounce bottle of it costs $30 or more.


6. Celine Dion by Celine Dion

Celine Dion has a perfume named after herself as well. In 2011 it made $9.9 million for the year. A one ounce bottle of Celine costs just under $30.


7. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has a perfume called Lovely. In 2011 it did $8.4 million in sales. A 1.7 ounce bottle can cost as much as $50.


8. Still by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has a perfume called Still. In 2011 it did $6.9 million in sales. A 3.4 ounce bottle costs as much as $65.


9. Fantasy by Britney Spears

Britney Spears has a perfume called Fantasy. In 2011 Fantasy made $6.9 million. A one ounce bottle of it costs $30.


10. Curious by Britney Spears

Being the superstar that she is, Britney Spears also has another perfume called Curious. In 2011 sales of Curious reached $6.8 million. A .5 ounce bottle of this perfume runs for $15.


All of these perfumes are endorsed and used by the celebrity they are based on. Each one has sold very well within the United States.