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Top Celebrity Restaurants

/ May 23, 2014

Celebrities often find themselves dining in extravagant restaurants simply because they can. In Los Angeles, New York and other major cities there are certain restaurants that celebrities frequent.

Berri’s Café, Los Angeles

Berri’s Café in Los Angeles serves as not only a pizza place, but also the place to be for the best Mediterranean food in town. Menu items include steak frites, cioppino and merguez. The restaurant also boasts a quaint little patio for dining outside and serves everything from breakfast to dessert. Breakfast items on the menu include many types of Eggs Benedict as well as frittatas. When it comes time for desserts patrons can dine on sweets such as lemon cheesecake, chocolate éclairs and tiramisu. Patrons can even order dishes from the restaurant and have them delivered to their door.

Cecconi, West Hollywood

Cecconi’s in West Hollywood is an Italian restaurant that serves exquisite breakfast dishes. It is also well known for its Venetian snacks, appetizers, salads and pasta.



The restaurant also boasts a wood-burning oven used to bake delicious pizzas. There are different specials offered every day and on Sunday’s the restaurant serves family supper consisting of pasta and pizza. Cecconi’s also has a wine list that includes wines from all over the world. Celebrities often can’t resist digging into a delicious dessert of molten chocolate cake complete with a serving of pistachio ice cream on the side. There are a private dining room and a private patio that can be rented out for events.



Chateau Marmont Restaurant, West Hollywood

The Chateau Marmont Restaurant, also in West Hollywood, boasts an outdoor terrace no other Los Angeles restaurant can claim to have. A small indoor dining room is also available, but celebrities often prefer to dine on the terrace. The restaurant is known for serving classic California dishes such as calamari with roasted tomato, beef carpaccio that comes with mustard aioli and crab cakes covered in a puree made of avocados. The delicious meals are often followed by desserts such as chevre cheesecake, rose sorbet and banana splits. The restaurant’s wine list only includes wine from California, Italy and France.


Cut, Beverly Hills

Cut is a Beverly Hills steakhouse owned by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. Patrons can ask to see the restaurant’s raw meat before placing their order. Many celebrities dine on Kobe steaks and/or sashimi when they frequent Cut. Patrons can choose the cut of beef they would like or they can dine on rotisserie chicken or lamb. The restaurant is also well known for its seasonal salads such as white corn salad garnished with arugula. Meats are always served with the patron’s choice of sauce, and they can also dine on vegetables and other side dishes. When it comes time for dessert choices include Baked Alaska or a delicious soufflé made with dark chocolate.


Dan Tana’s, West Hollywood

Dan Tana’s has been a popular restaurant in West Hollywood since it opened in 1964. Some of the more popular dishes on the menu include caprese salad and clams casino. They also serve retro dishes such as chicken cacciatore and veal Marsala. Desserts on the restaurant’s menu include tiramisu and spumoni. The restaurant is popular with celebrity patrons of all ages.

Dan Tana’s, West Hollywood

The Ivy, Los Angeles

The Ivy is a restaurant in Los Angeles that boasts a lovely patio celebrities enjoy dining on. American cuisine is served here, including crab cakes, meat loaf, ribs and fried chicken cooked southern style. The restaurant’s co-owner previously worked as a patissier, and this means The Ivy bakes outstanding desserts such as pecan squares and good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies.


The Polo Lounge, Beverly Hills

The Polo Lounge is located in Beverly Hills and has been since it first opened in 1941. French cuisine is what the restaurant is known for and one of the most ordered dishes among patrons is the wild salmon featuring French lentils. Other dishes include filet mignon and morel mushrooms in sauce. Cheese is a staple on the Polo Lounge’s menu and it is always served with honey on the side that is made locally. Sweets on the menu include soufflés. The restaurant also has a long list of wines for patrons to choose from.

The-Polo-Lounge-Patio-Beverly Hills

Rao’s, Hollywood and Los Angeles

Rao’s, with locations in Hollywood and Los Angeles, serves up classic Italian dishes to countless celebrities. Popular menu items at Rao’s include lemon chicken, seafood salad and meatballs with sauce. Ravioli is served with ingredients such as brown butter, pears and dried cranberries among other things. Dessert options include tiramisu, cheesecake and sorbet. The wine list mostly consists of Italian wines.


Scarpetta, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and New York

Scarpetta has a location in Beverly Hills as well as Las Vegas and New York. Classic Italian dishes on the menu include raw yellowtail fish, raw tuna and roasted sea scallops. Patrons can’t get enough of the restaurant’s bread baskets, which serve bread stuffed with garlic, basil, smoked mozzarella and salami. The restaurant serves a cheese course that celebrity patrons love as well as desserts they can’t resist, such as pine nut tart with brown butter and a coconut panna cotta. Patrons can also choose from the restaurant’s list of Italian wines.


Spago, Beverly Hills

Spago is a Beverly Hills restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck. Popular menu items at Spago include smoked salmon pizza. Patrons can choose to dine on Asian and Italian foods at this restaurant. They serve authentic sushi and pasta to celebrity patrons frequently. Some of the main dishes that patrons enjoy include New York steak with a side of radishes glazed in honey, black truffles and seared diver scallops from Maine.


The hearty side dishes served include smoked fingerling potato puree and Japanese citrus with braised leeks, as well as maitake mushrooms roasted to perfection. The sophisticated desserts served include bon bons, both warm and cold truffles and almond cream. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list and boasts a well- stocked bar, which has its own menu offering dishes such as a pastrami sandwich with coleslaw. Without a doubt Spago is one of the most popular restaurants among celebrities.

All of these restaurants often attract the biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood today and are a great place to dine to spot celebrities.