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Best and Worst Traffic Cities in the World

/ March 2, 2015

Today every major metropolitan city has its own traffic woes. Where do you think is the city with worst traffic located? Europe? North America? No! It is in Asia. Jakarta, the capital and the largest city of Indonesia, holds the dubious distinction of being the king of awful traffic.

According to Castrol’s Magnetec Stop-Start index, Jakarta suffers 33,240 stop-starts in a year! The index pulled data from TomTom navigation users to calculate the number of stops and starts made per kilometer, multiplying that number by the average distance driven every year in 78 nations.

Compared to Jakarta, the situation is much better in NYC (16,320 stop-starts), which is almost twice as congested as LA, which has a paltry 9,360 stop-starts annually. These are the only two American cities to make the list.

Here are the best and worst traffic cities in the world as of 2015.

The 10 worst cities for traffic with information on the number of jams per year:

10) Buenos Aires, Argentina (23,760)
9) Guadalajara, Mexico (24,840)
8) Bangkok, Thailand (27,480)
7) Rome, Italy (28,680)
6) Moscow, Russia (28,680)
5) St. Petersburg, Russia (29,040)
4) Surabaya, Indonesia (29,880)
3) Mexico City, Mexico (30,840)
2) Istanbul, Turkey (32,520)
1) Jakarta, Indonesia (33,240)

The 10 best cities for traffic:

9) Kosice, Slovakia (7,440) (tie)
9) Copenhagen, Denmark (7,440) (tie)
8) Brno, Czech Republic (7,320)
7) Porto, Portugal (7,200)
6) Antwerp, Belgium (7,080)
5) Brisbane, Australia (6,960)
3) Abu Dhabi, UAE (6,840) (tie)
3) Bratislava, Slovakia (6,840) (tie)
2) Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 6,360
1) Tampere, Finland (6,240)

So next time you are stuck in traffic, just think about drivers in Jakarta. That should give you some solace. Unfortunately this will not help if you feel an urge to empty your bowels. How is the traffic situation in your city?