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Average Salary of Medical Doctors 2014 By Specialty

/ June 8, 2014

How Much Do Medical Doctors Make Per Year?

Average Salary of Medical Doctors as of 2014: Across the United States doctors make varying salaries. A lot of their salary determination depends on where they practice in the country and what field of medicine they practice. Salaries tend to rise and fall for those who work in the medical community. Since the end of the 1980s the salaries of doctors have not been growing as fast as the salaries of those working as registered nurses, dentists and pharmacists. A brief overview on the Salary of U.S. Medical Doctors:

Medscape 2012 Survey

An official 2012 Medscape survey of doctors throughout the country revealed that they were earning a yearly salary of anywhere between $156,000 and $315,000. Pediatricians and family practitioners are reportedly the doctors that make the least amount of money while radiologists and orthopedic surgeons make the highest amount. In 2012 cardiologists were earning an average of $314,000 a year and anesthesiologists were earning a $309,000 yearly salary. Psychiatrists were making $170,000 per year and internists were making roughly $165,000 per year.

Lowering Salaries

Between 2010 and 2012 the salaries of many U.S. doctors went down, as radiologists were making an average of $471,253 a year and pediatricians were earning a $192,149 yearly.

A Recent Surge In Salaries

Recent numbers show that orthopedic doctors are making roughly $688,503 a year while dermatologists are earning a salary of roughly $375,176 per year. Cardiologists are earning an average salary of over $400,000 each year. General surgeons are earning a yearly salary of anywhere from $200,000 to $325,000.

Hourly Rates for U.S. Doctors

Broken down on an hourly basis family doctors now earn anywhere from $39.73 per hour to $81.03 per hour. Psychiatrists practicing in the U.S. generally make $90 an hour for their work. Anesthesiologists are being paid roughly $122.78 per hour.

Doctor’s Salaries By States

Some states pay their doctors better than others do. The U.S. cities and states that pay their doctors more than most others do are Tallahassee, Florida, Wilmington, North Carolina, Wichita, Kansas, Springfield, Montana and Pueblo, Colorado.

Payscale Reported Salaries

According to as of June of 2014 doctors that work in internal medicine are earning an average salary of $170,761 while family physicians earning around $155,633 per year. For those who work as general practitioners the current average yearly salary is $136,747. Emergency room doctors are earning a salary of $204,976 per year. Radiologists are earning around $286,918 per year and Neurologists are earning a yearly salary of $199,221. Oncologists are currently making $243,995 per year in salary.

In general, doctors who have a specialty when it comes to medicine make 75% per year more than those who don’t. While young doctors are completing their residency at a hospital they generally only make half the salary that licensed doctors make.

Since most doctors are deep into student loan debt by the time they become licensed it is easy for the U.S. to justify paying them the salaries they do get. These doctors work hard to make a difference in this world and are compensated accordingly.