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Average Salary of an Architect

/ July 27, 2014

How Much Does an Architect Make Per Year?

The Average Salary of an Architect: There are many different kinds of architects and the salary one makes depends a lot on the kind they choose to work in. For example, a systems architect earns an average of $115,288 while a Data Architect earns an average of $103,196. The highest paying type of architect is one that works in software; these professionals earn an average of $120,847 per year.


The national average salary for an architect is $57,000. Entry level architects and those who have worked in the field for five to 10 years are earning an average of 18% less and 2% less than the national salary. Architects who have been working in the field for 10 to 20 years earn an average of 20% more than the national salary for this career. Those who have been working in the field of architecture for 20+ years are making an average of 44% more than the national average salary.

Hourly Rates

As of 2012 architects were earning around $73,000 per year which translates to roughly $35 per hour. Architects that make the least are earning an average yearly salary of lower than $44,600. Architects that make the most are earning an average yearly salary of over $118,230.

Architect Starting Salary

When architects are just starting out and are doing an internship in their chosen field most of them are earning a maximum of yearly salary of $25,000. When they go on to work for an architecture firm they can generally earn $60,000 to $120,000 per year.

Being an architect can be a very interesting career for someone with the right skill set. It is seen by many people as a good way to earn a living.