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Average Salary of a Kindergarten Teacher

/ July 30, 2014

How Much Does a Kindergarten Teacher Make Per Year?

Average Salary of a Kindergarten Teacher: Being a kindergarten teacher is not an easy career. Though the average yearly income of a kindergarten teacher is $36,978 as of July 2014 they can earn as little as $22,987 per year or as much as $53,240 per year. It stands to reason that the longer a kindergarten teacher has been in their position the more they will earn. For example, most entry level kindergarten teachers get paid less than $34,000 per year. By the time they have reached the midway point of their career many are earning up to 10% more than entry level teachers while experienced teachers are earning up to 18% more and teachers who are well into their career are earning up to 36% more then they started out earning.

three little girls and female teacher in kindergarten

Salary By States

The amount of money one earns as a kindergarten teacher also depends somewhat on the state they work in. Kindergarten teachers working in New Jersey, New York, Alaska, Connecticut and Rhode Island are earning anywhere from $59,210 per year up to $67,720 per year. Within New York, California and Connecticut the highest paid kindergarten teachers’ work in Nassau (Long Island, NY) Yuba City (California) and The Bridgeport/Norwalk/Stanford areas of Connecticut with Nassau kindergarten teachers earning an average of $78,610, Yuba City kindergarten teachers earning an average of $72,150 and Bridgeport/Norwalk/Stamford kindergarten teachers, earning an average of $70,790.

The rewards that come from a career as a kindergarten teacher mean more to many people in the profession than their salary does.