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Top 5 Most Expensive Apple iStore Applications

, / May 9, 2014

Smartphone owners spend a huge chunk of their time on applications downloaded on their iPhones and Android pones. Many people like downloading apps just for the sake of time pass while there are numerous users who love downloading apps just for trying them out. There is a wide range of applications available, from expensive surveillance apps to games and luxury ones. No matter how expensive and latest your smartphone is, it isn’t considered complete until it is personalized with cool apps. Here is a list of the top 5 most expensive applications available on the Apple iStore.

5.) Mobile Cam Viewer –  $349.99

One of the most widely used applications for live security and surveillance cameras. It is available on the iStore for $349.99 and can be used for webcams, NVR, DVR and all sorts of video servers. The best thing about the application is that it can be used from anywhere at any time to monitor your office, home or workplace.

4.) MobiGage NDI – $899.99

This application is very handy for operation managers as it helps in creating, editing and running measurement plans. The application is available for $899.99 and can also automate inspection processes. Therefore the operations manager or the plant manager does not necessarily have to carry many tools around as the app can give all the basic measurements. It can also be used for the inspection of manufactured assemblies and parts. But the drawback is that it is only connected with the Northern Digital Industrial measurement system.


=1.) BarMax CA – $999.99

One of the very few educational applications to be so highly priced. The application can be downloaded for $999.99. This application proves to be very beneficial for students preparing for the bar exam. BarMax CA has been developed by Harvard Law School alumni and has the highest pass rates for the California bar exam. The app provides an extensive course review, due to which students have a CA pass rate of approximately 73%.


=1.) Agro –  $999.99

We all know that the job of an agronomist is quite essential in our society, but it is also very time consuming and complicated. The productivity application proves to be very helpful as it helps agronomists in completing the inspection report. Agro can be downloaded for $999.99 and can help agronomists to complete work efficiently and effectively.


=1.) VIP Black – $999.99

Another $999.99 application but unlike the other applications of this price, it is neither educational nor productivity related. In fact, the application is quite luxurious which offers unique treatment and privileges to its users.

Only users who have assets or income worth £1 million can be a part of the VIP Black club and avail its exquisite services. High Net Worth individuals can download the app and reap the VIP benefits of the app. Services like Apartment Rental and ‘Anything, Anywhere’ are only some of the many features of the royal app.