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Spring 2014 Style Watch: Alexander McQueen Collection

/ May 4, 2014

Timeless beauty and innovation abound with the Spring 2014 Collection from Alexander McQueen. The luxury brand, now led by McQueen protegé Sarah Burton boldly exudes innovation, color, and distinct texture. Diverging from the many classic conventions of Spring fashion trends, the collection encompasses a lavish blend of nostalgic and futuristic accents inspired by Celtic, and tribal influences. From the use of sundry color to the intricate design of each piece, the women’s Spring and Summer collection is the quintessential example of exquisite style and diversity.

Alexander McQueen’s latest collection is a masterful display of ultramodern adornment. Using metallic accents, the designs are a powerful look back into the great empires of the world through the scope of high fashion. The designs although unconventional, do incorporate the esprit of earlier decades in a celebratory manner. Intricate beading and feathered accents add multidimensional layers turning each style into an individual mixed-media canvas.


Photo: Alexander McQueen

Venturing away from pastels and airy textiles, the Spring 2014 collection includes a myriad of textures and fabrics colors that contrast bold reds along with black and white fusions. Tribal patterns also lend a certain earthly feel to the otherwise bold and futuristic designs. Eye-catching geometric and cubed shaped patterns are hypnotic and provide a 3-dimensional look. The collection does include several solid white, red, and black styles that are exceptionally primed for the red carpet.

The Spring 2014 Women’s Collection contains an array of trendsetting styles that range from elegant gowns to cutting-edge ready-to-wear fashions. Alexander McQueen has graced the season’s runway with sporty leggings, cropped tops, long gowns, kilt-inspired skirts, retro flapper-inspired dresses and linear suit jackets. The collection captures the essence of avant-garde fashion with angular cut-outs and exaggerated lines. In a visually striking display of past meets present and future, Alexander McQueen delivers unprecedented elegance and distinction with the latest designs.

For the ultimate in luxury fashion, explore the Spring 2014 Women’s Collection from Alexander McQueen now showing on YouTube.