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The World’s 20 Newest Billionaires of 2015

/ March 14, 2015

The number of billionaires in the world is increasing. More and more people are becoming richer and richer. This is definitely a good news. According to FORBES during the past one year, 290 people became billionaires. It is a record! China alone added 71 people to this elite list; 57 were from the US, 28 from India and 23 from Germany. Many of the new billionaires are from the Silicon Valley.

Here are the 20 newest-richest billionaires in the world as of 2015.

20) Reed Hastings (Net worth: $1 billion)

Entrepreneur and education philanthropist Wilmot Reed Hastings, Jr. is the co-founder and CEO of Netflix, world’s leading internet television network. He also serves on the boards of Facebook and many non-profit organizations.

Reed Hastings

19) Ken Grossman (Net worth: $1 billion)

Beer baron Ken Grossman is the founder of Sierra Nevada brewery, whose famous Pale Ale accounts for around 60 percent of the company’s sales. In 2010, the brewery was named “Green Business of the Year,” around 99.8 percent of the company’s waste is recycled.

Ken Grossman