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10 Richest People in Switzerland 2015

/ September 5, 2014

Switzerland has a stable, prosperous and high-tech economy. Its policy of long-term monetary security and political stability has made it a safe haven for investors. This beautiful nation has produced many billionaires. Here is a brief overview of the top 10 billionaires of Switzerland, according to their Forbes ranking.

Top 10 Richest People in Switzerland as of 2014:

10) Michael Pieper – Net worth: $3 Billion

This 68 year old billionaire is the CEO of Artemis Real Estate Partners. His $2.5 billion (revenue) group controls the Aarburg, Switzerland-based Franke, maker of kitchen sinks and hoods.



9) Stephan Schmidheiny – Net worth: $3.3 Billion

This 66 year old industrial magnate turned philanthropist and environmentalist rose to prominence when he became president of his father’s Swiss Eternit Group, a construction materials manufacturer, at the age of 29.