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10 Rappers That Went Broke

/ January 30, 2015

Bow Wow

Rapper Bow Wow leased a 2008 Ferrari which he was then not able to make the payments on. As a result, he went to court in 2009 and was ordered by a judge to pay $216,084 in money he owed to his creditors. In 2013 Bow Wow went to court over unpaid child support and told the judge that he only earned $4,000 a month and only had a checking account balance of $15,000 at that time. In 2012 Bow Wow had his Bentley repossessed when he couldn’t afford the payments. He also owed an undisclosed six figure amount in back taxes he never paid.

Bow Wow

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MC Hammer

MC Hammer had it all and lost it all. He reportedly blew much of the fortune he earned during his rap career on marble floors for his house, to the tune of $30 million. In 2011 MC Hammer owed a reported $700,000 in taxes he had failed to pay. At one point he was in debt for $13.7 million. He had allegedly been paying his hired help half a million per year to maintain his home, cook his meals and perform other common household chores.