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10 NBA Players Who Went Broke

, / May 23, 2014

While NBA players generally make a good living, it’s all in how they handle the money once they have it. Some players are savvy enough to save and invest their money while others aren’t so smart or lucky.

Here are some 10 NBA players who went broke.

1. Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson had it all and raked in $63,425,200. Unfortunately through a series of bad choices Anderson ended up broke. This was mostly due to the fact that he had three failed marriages under his belt; marriages which produced a collective eight children that he then had to pay child support for by sending money to the five mothers of his children. Anderson publicly spoke out stating that children cost more than their worth. His current net worth is estimated at $800 thousand.


2. Dennis Rodman

Throughout his career Dennis Rodman earned himself a $26,965,000 salary. He then ended up owing $1 million worth of back child support. With an income of only $8,000 in 2013 it will likely take him the rest of his life to pay that $1 million off. Between child support and alimony Rodman has found himself among many broke athletes that were NBA players. His current net worth calculated to be below -$1 million.


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