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Most Powerful Celebrities in the World – 2014 Forbes List

/ August 17, 2014

6) Jay-Z (Earnings: $60 Million)

This 44 year old celebrity musician’s total is highest since 2010, enhanced by a diverse list of sources. His latest album was certified platinum before it was released due to an agreement with Samsung to buy one million copies.



5) Ellen DeGeneres (Earnings: $70 Million)

This 56 year old celebrity is daytime’s most likeable television personality according to industry standard Q scores. She set two records within 24 hours this year. First, the selfie photo she took with a handful of A-list celebrities as she hosted the Oscars became the most retweeted Twitter post in history. Second, the live post-Oscars episode of her popular syndicated talk show the following day became the most watched in the program’s 11 years history.

Ellen DeGeneres

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