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10 Lottery Winners Who Went Broke

/ January 25, 2015

It is true that winning a lottery can change lives. After the win, whether the life takes positive direction or negative direction depends on the decisions taken by the winner. If you think winning a lottery solves all problems in people’s lives, and every lottery winner is happy, you may be wrong. While some lottery winners have put their money to good use and prospered, some lottery winners have gone broke, thereby making their life miserable.

Lack of financial planning and foolish spending habits were the main reasons for their loss. Here are the 10 lottery winners who went broke.

10) Lisa Arcand (Won: $1 million)

In the year 2003, Lisa Arcand won $1 million. She bought a house and a few vacations with the money. She also invested in restaurant business. Unfortunately it was a failure. Her seafood restaurant went belly up after she fell behind on her bills.

Lisa Arcand