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The 10 Countries with the Highest Rape Crime in 2015

/ June 8, 2015

8) Costa Rica (Rape incidents per 100,000 citizens: 36.7)

Since the year 2,000, the number of rapes in this rugged, rainforested Central American country has increased at a rate of 42 cases per year. In the year 2011, even though 1,786 rape cases were reported to the prosecution offices throughout the nation, only 1,081 reports continued through the investigation process by the Judicial Investigation Agency.

Aerial view of San Jose city in Costa Rica.

Aerial view of San Jose city in Costa Rica.

7) Suriname (Rape incidents per 100,000 citizens: 45.2)

If you are in Suriname, you should definitely not walk alone in the night. Many rape incidents go unreported in this South American nation. Suriname has tough laws against perpetrators of rape. The good news is that there have been reports that the situation is improving and the number of rapes is decreasing.