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10 Coolest Limousines in the World

/ December 29, 2014

Limousines are large, luxurious cars. They are usually driven by chauffeurs. These cool limousines stand for class, elegance and luxury.

Here are some ten coolest limousines in the world.

Chrysler Prowler Limo

Chrysler Prowler Limousine is one-of-a-kind Prowler limousine that can fit two passengers up front and four at the back. The vehicle comes with a hard top incorporating a sliding ragtop, Lambo-style front doors and suicide rear doors.

Chrysler Prowler Limo

PT Cruiser Wedding Limo

This wedding limo is designed to haul a bride and her massive gown to the wedding venue. It is made out of a stretched PT Cruiser. This limousine is built for comfort and elegance. Inside the vehicle you will find champagne flutes, curtains and many more luxury items.