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10 Coolest Electric Motorcycles

/ April 16, 2015

Electric bikes are environment-friendly, and some of them are super cool. We all have heard about supercar hybrids like Ferrari’s LaFerrari; more are in the pipeline. Not to be left behind, some bike manufacturers have come up with innovative electric two-wheelers. Some of them have earned a lot of positive reviews; and why not, they deserve them.

Here are some amazing green options for bike enthusiasts.

Mission One (Premiere Limited Edition)

California-based hi-tech company Mission Motors produces world’s best electric bikes. The Mission One is one of their offerings. This electric bike was unveiled at the TED2009 conference. The Mission One was designed by Swiss designer, entrepreneur and sustainability advocate Yves Béhar. The company claims that this bike is the fastest production all-electric bike in the world. It can reach a top speed of 150mph.

Mission One Motorcycle

Mission One Motorcycle

Courtesy of Mission Motors