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Top 10 Best Special Forces in the World

/ February 4, 2015

8) SSG, Pakistan

The Special Services Group (SSG) is a special operations force of the Pakistan Army. It is similar to British Army’s SAS. Founded in 1956, the unit is trained to handle missions like asymmetric warfare, counter-proliferation, special operations, unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and personnel recovery.

SSG, Pakistan

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7) JW GROM, Poland

Jednostka Wojskowa GROM (JW GROM) is Poland’s elite counter-terrorism unit. Founded on July 13, 1990, this unit is one of the five special operations units of the Polish Armed Forces. Candidates applying to serve in JW GROM have to pass psychological and durability tests, truth test and field test. The members of this unit are trained to respond to threats from terrorists. Currently JW GROM has around 450 men. They are organized in squads of four. The unit’s motto is “For you, Fatherland!” The unit was actively involved in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

JW GROM, Poland