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Top 10 Richest Families in the World

/ January 2, 2015

8) Cox Family (U.S.) – Net Worth: $32 Billion

The 94 year old Anne Cox Chambers is the majority owner of privately-held media conglomerate Cox Enterprises, and continues to be a part of the board of directors. Nephew James Kennedy is the chairman. The company includes Cox Communications (cable, broadband), Cox Media Group (newspapers, TV, radio stations), Manheim (car auctions) and AutoTrader Group (online car sales, Kelley Blue Book).


Anne Cox Chambers – Net Worth: $16 Billion
James (Jim) Ken – Net Worth: $8 Billion

7. Hearst family (U.S.) – Net Worth: $35 Billion

Orson Wells’ Citizen Kane was an immensely popular movie in its time. It was largely based on publishing tycoon William Randolf Hearst. He was the proprietor of San Francisco Examiner. His son William Randolf Hearst Jr. won the Pulitzer Prize. His grandson William R. Hearst III is the current chairman of the Hearst Media Empire.

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  • The Third Archon says:

    HOLY. SH*T. The House of Saud is just…f*ck. WOW!

    And our “leadership” (conservative OR otherwise it would seem) here in America are falling over themselves to KISS THEIR F*CKING *SSES! Shouldn’t really come as a SURPRISE given that their plutocratic values probably mean that the Crown Prince of the House of Saud is like the equivalent of the plutocrat Pope to them. Yes, money CLEARLY gets distributed based on MERIT–who can believe THAT f*cking lie, really, ANYONE, when you have the SCuM OF THE EARTH as far as human rights are concerned with TEN TIMES THE WEALTH of the next closest (the Waltons) family.

    Now GRANTED, it’s A LITTLE misleading because the Waltons are what, six remaining heirs, whereas the wealth of the House of Saud is spread out over thousands of princes (as the article mentions), so if you adjusted for family size over which that wealth is distributed that might change the rankings or at least close some of the gaps, but STILL! HEINOUS! Are we going to reach a day soon where we have to break in the term TRILLIONAIRE? Because THAT won’t be a OMINOUS milestone in the human story…

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