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Navy SEAL Salary – The Average Salary Of a U.S. Navy SEAL

/ June 9, 2014

A Navy SEAL Salary is a monthly salary that varies depending on the person’s level of experience. The length of their service and their ranking in the Navy determines what their salary is. One of the lowest paid Navy SEAL positions is the 0-1 commissioned officer. They generally don’t even have two months of experience in the Navy and are paid $2,876.40 each month. This works out to a yearly salary of $34,512. After the three month mark they get a raise to $43,428 per year. Moving up in the ranks gets them an increasing salary. In the middle ranks of the military a Navy SEAL can earn anywhere from $55,000 per year to $75,000 per year. An 0-10 commissioned officer is the highest possible level in the military and makes $234,792 a year, which translates to a monthly salary of $19,566.90. Warrant officers vary in ranking from one to five and a level five officer makes $110,664 each year.

Navy SEALS Salary

Navy SEALS get $240 per month for hazard pay in addition to their regular salary. The good ones earn a monthly bonus of $225 if they are required to participate in a demolition or in parachuting. They get a $240 bonus per month if they have to go diving. If they choose to they can receive a yearly clothing allowance of as much as $760 and a housing allowance of $960 each month. The 2014 Navy SEAL Average Salary is $56,000. reports that Navy SEALS are starting at anywhere from $42,000 per year to $63,000 per year. The average salary ranges from $51,000 $76,500 per year. The top salaries of Navy SEALS are currently between $60,000 and $90,000. This translates to between $27 and $40 per hour.

Training Salary

While people are training to be a Navy SEAL they make $1,468 each month. After they have completed their training they make $1,916 per month which translates to $22,992. A Master Chief Special Warfare Operator makes as much as $139,440 per year. This translates to a monthly salary of $11,616.

It is safe to say that Navy SEALS are well worth the salary they are paid. They put their lives on the line to protect the country and in most cases their pay reflects that very well. Only time will tell if the average salary of Navy SEALS increases or stays the same as it is now.

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